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Emerging from the Silence

by Tino Theresa Dungl, Isabella Schiemer, Anna Viola Haderer & Lisa Isabella Grabner

Chrisi wants to rebuild relationships. To their ex-girlfriend, whose gentle touch awakened suppressed memories. To their sister, after a long period of alienation. To their career plans, put on ice. And to their inner child, rejected for years.

“Can love be violen...? Is that love?”

The film focuses on a phase in Chrisi’s life when depression and being thrown back on the past are setting the tone. It accompanies Chrisi during their first steps of perceiving, of sorting out and of developing strategies to move on. The process of surviving sexualized violence is portrayed as a skilled and strong act.

7 Chrisi (Jona Moro) (c) Anna Viola Haderer.jpg


Dialogue: German | Austrian Dialect

Subtitles: English | French


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